Backyard Patio Gardens

By | June 11, 2017

Start decorating your backyard patio gardens like inside your home, choosing a style. Then choose the floor and furniture. Add color with paint, fabrics, accessories, plants and flowers. Decorate a patio offers opportunities to liven up the space with unusual colors, new trends and seasonal accessories. Live plants and flowers transform it into a place that attracts people to meet.

Soils backyard patio gardens can reflect the style of the house. For Southwest style, consider a colorful playground gravel and flagstone. For a contemporary home, stained cement makes a statement. If the exterior is brick, consider adding a brick patio. Many options for working wood and stone patio floor, All-weather outdoor rugs resistant to fading can add softness and texture.

Plants can add beauty, fragrance and texture to backyard patio gardens. Use a mixture of designs and colors of potted flowers. Coordinate flower colors with fabric on a sofa, chair or pillow. Red geraniums contrast nicely with canvas seats yellow and white. Purple flowers like sage and sea lavender make a room seem real when compensation against a palette of classic cream color. Use flowers in pots on floor, in vases on tables and hanging from rafters. If privacy is a factor, use a vine to block view.

Backyard Patio Gardens

Accessories for Patio Ideas

When it comes to accessories for the patio, you will not have room for many, so choose carefully. Cushions are a must, since they add texture, color and comfort to the space. Choose one or two for each chair. Make a light blanket for cool days and hang it from a chair or put it on the table. As for other accessories for the patio, uses a functional. Books, magazines, candles and glasses are accents that have dual uses. On the floor, a carpet can make your balcony you feel more comfortable. If you want to add more accessories, consider putting some shelves. Do not worry combine everything completely, since the goal is to create a comfortable and relaxed space?

If you want to enjoy your patio at night, you also need lighting accessories for patio. On the patio is important that the lighting is subtle. If your patio is bright you cannot see the sky and the night clearly, and besides, all the neighbors see what you’re doing. Candles are a good choice for a warm and soft light put several in different corners of the patio. Hanging lamps paper or kerosene lanterns round the patio door for when you need more light.

accessories for the patio

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